Monday, February 22, 2010

b to the log

oh Bloggity Blog Blog......

I won't lie blog I haven't totally missed you, but i guess we should reignite our friendship and actually post a little more.

I guess you deserve an explanation...It's not you, It's Me...Ok it's you too.

I have what is known as a full-time job and quite honestly some days I just get home and take a nap until I have to go to sleep haa...

So I have this idea....and I just barely started working on it today, it involves doing a makeup artist program during the summer and maybe that will get me through a few more months til i can go back to school..

Oh P.S. going to school in the fall :D (OODALALLY)

I will be working on getting my BFA in photography! I'm so excited for this you have no idea, the break was nice and honestly i couldn't have done school right now anyways but ya we are going to try the whole full-time job/full-time student thing, good news is i won't have any free time to spend money so that's a good way to save...haa.

SAVING MONEY IS.....hard :/

I'm pretty determined however because my parents basically bribed me with a trip to Disneyland if i could save the money, and trust me I will do ANYTHING to go to Disneyland.
ALSOOOO, I'm starting an Etsy page soon enough once I get all of my "product finalized" (see how professional I am?!) Basically I take characters I come up with in this ol noggin of mine or what I paint and stitch them on to blankets etc, once I get the etsy page a rollin I will post another bloggity blooo.

Well that's all I suppose, Photos will be coming along :] I have Spring Fever and some idearrss (British eh?).

Anywhooo I have a RedBox to return or the RedBox Nazi with remove yet another dollar and seven cents from my bank account.

Much Love,

Stephy :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I went on a walk today through my neighborhood just to relax and take some pictures before the snow started to fall. The top picture is actually my street, technically i live on 50 south but Shakespeare Ave is stamped on every corner and i think that's a little better. I love feet shots for some reason, i guess its to show i was there without having to flip my huge camera around and take a picture of my face.
The second picture is of a house called "the cottage" its the old physicians ward for the state hospital..haa i would.
P.S. its never too early for senior pictures, snow is coming soon and its way fun to take shots in that too!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Apple Orchards

This family was so fun to shoot, we went to the apple orchards by the state hospital and also "the castle" also by the state hospital. Both are great places to shoot, speaking of that I am looking for a girl 18-23 to do a shoot with a friend of mine. It would be great if she were taller and had dark long hair but light hair will work just fine too. If you know anyone or if you yourself would like to be involved let me know :].

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fam @ GSL

So here we are! Amber and the fam at the Great Salt Lake!

The Great Salt Lake

So this last weekend I was able to go to the Great Salt Lake and she what all the hype is about for taking pictures there. I actually went with my sister to take pictures of her family (which will be posted soon by the way) but decided to get in some of my own shots as well. Soo heres the deal, if anyone is interested in buying any prints i am more than willing to sell them (im pretty poor right now give me a break haa) just let me know :]

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just a Little Sneaky Peeky...

So this weekend has been filled with some fun shoots that I had to share little sneak peeks with :]..
First of is my cousin and her preggers belly and her husband and just how adorable they are together.
Second is a picture I did of my sister and her cute family out at the Great Salt Lake...stay tuned for more photos!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I kind of hate blogging...but heres a picture for ya :] down center street from my house in provo.