Monday, February 22, 2010

b to the log

oh Bloggity Blog Blog......

I won't lie blog I haven't totally missed you, but i guess we should reignite our friendship and actually post a little more.

I guess you deserve an explanation...It's not you, It's Me...Ok it's you too.

I have what is known as a full-time job and quite honestly some days I just get home and take a nap until I have to go to sleep haa...

So I have this idea....and I just barely started working on it today, it involves doing a makeup artist program during the summer and maybe that will get me through a few more months til i can go back to school..

Oh P.S. going to school in the fall :D (OODALALLY)

I will be working on getting my BFA in photography! I'm so excited for this you have no idea, the break was nice and honestly i couldn't have done school right now anyways but ya we are going to try the whole full-time job/full-time student thing, good news is i won't have any free time to spend money so that's a good way to save...haa.

SAVING MONEY IS.....hard :/

I'm pretty determined however because my parents basically bribed me with a trip to Disneyland if i could save the money, and trust me I will do ANYTHING to go to Disneyland.
ALSOOOO, I'm starting an Etsy page soon enough once I get all of my "product finalized" (see how professional I am?!) Basically I take characters I come up with in this ol noggin of mine or what I paint and stitch them on to blankets etc, once I get the etsy page a rollin I will post another bloggity blooo.

Well that's all I suppose, Photos will be coming along :] I have Spring Fever and some idearrss (British eh?).

Anywhooo I have a RedBox to return or the RedBox Nazi with remove yet another dollar and seven cents from my bank account.

Much Love,

Stephy :)

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Morgan. said...

hahahah, you are so funny!
aren't you glad to know i read your blogs :)